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Accurate medical translations are crucial to ensure clear communication, patient safety, and the dissemination of vital healthcare information across linguistic barriers.

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Our medical translations

Our medical translators are subject to very high professional obligations, particularly in terms of expertise and ensuring that their work does not contain any errors that could harm a patient's health or have a negative impact on their treatment.

Our medical translators have a medical or clinical background or have specialised in a particular medical or pharmaceutical field following their training as translators.

When producing your medical translations, we use standard medical language that is understood by all professionals involved, but which is often unfamiliar or confusing to the non-specialist.

When translating your medical texts, we always use specific specialised terminology that must always be adhered to. This is why we use tools such as computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools) and terminology management software to ensure consistent and precise translations, even over long periods of time.

To give you additional peace of mind, the final translation can be reviewed by an additional medical professional.

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