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Our online translation tool, which is available to you free of charge, is perfect for translating short pieces of text into a range of other languages.

However, there are times when such quick automated translations just don’t cut the mustard. Situations requiring sensitivity, subjective understanding and the human touch, for example.

If you would like to view an alternative version of your text, you can also make use of our open-source translator.

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Standard translations

Our translators sets to work on a medical, technical, legal or commercial document, one thing is more important than anything else – accuracy – because these types of text require the original wording to be transferred into the target language with as little deviation as possible.


The same does not apply, however, to the translation of a literary or creative text and such assignments call upon an entirely different linguistic skillset.

In this case, the translator needs to be able to fully grasp the original writer’s intentions, pick up on every little subtlety in the text and be sufficiently fluent and creative in the target language to create a document to render a translation that no-one would assume was a translation.

One of the primary challenges associated with text translations is the need to produce natural sounding language without deviating too far from the original meaning of the text or its style or intended message. 

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