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The process of translating your texts

Whatever your language, we have a team to handle your assignment in the professional manner you would expect.

When you send us a text for translation, you will receive a non-binding quote and if you accept the quote, your text will be translated into a language of your choice by a carefully-selected specialist linguist. Where documents contain up to 2,500 words, we deal with this within 2 working days and, as a rule of thumb, an additional working day is required for each additional 2,500 words.

Once your translation has gone through both our internal quality assurance checks and the appropriate proofreading processes, the text is sent back to you via e-mail.

But our attention to detail and dedication to providing perfect result does not stop there.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the translation you have been provided with – or if you simply have queries or suggestions – we will take these very seriously and get straight back to work. Within reason, changes made to a translation that has already been delivered are undertaken at no extra charge.

You don’t get much for free these days!

On our website, we provide our customers – and potential customers – with software that can translate short pieces of text into a wide range of languages free of charge. The idea being that these automated translations would then be revised and refined by a professional translator if needed for professional purposes. Services such as machine translation can also be booked as additional options.

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Let us know what we can do for you.

The more information we have from you, the better we can tailor your translation to your particular requirements.

Maybe your assignment contains especially sensitive documents that might require the provision of a non-disclosure agreement. Or maybe you need your translation to go through further checks beyond the industry-standard ‘four-eyes’ service we offer? 

We pride ourselves on the close working relationships we forge with our customers and would only be too happy to accommodate your individual requirements.

A Jack of All Trades? Not us…

Imagine you were to make an appointment with your doctor about some ailment or the other. Once at the surgery, the doctor offers a sound diagnosis and issues you with a suitable prescription, but as you are preparing to leave, he offers to replace a filling for you as well. Surely this is a job for a dentist! So, are you going to take him seriously?

Possibly not, because claiming to be able to do everything often belies a lack of specialisation.

And the same principle applies to translators.

That said, we find that customers are often unaware of the need for a translation to be dealt with by a linguist with the appropriate specialist knowledge. There is a feeling that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is probably OK.

Here at the Cengolio translation agency, however, we are very conscious of the necessity of selecting the best translator for a particular assignment and we only ever engage a translator with proven experience in the specialist field in question. For example, we would only assign a legal text to a translator with a good understanding of both the English language legal system and that of the target language.

It is only in this way that we are able to have confidence in the quality of the results and be able to ensure our customers that they will receive an optimal translation.

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