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Questions that we are regularly asked by our customers. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Will my text be edited by competent translators?

Of course! Our translation agency consists exclusively of specialised native speakers and qualified translators.


How much time do you need for a translation?

You can already see when your text will be ready when you place your order. However, these are only directional values; this means that a translation is also completed more quickly or sometimes takes a little longer. You will receive an e-mail from us as soon as the translation has been completed.


Is there a minimum charge?

Yes. This is £80.


Are discounts granted?

Flat-rate discounts or reduced word prices can be agreed for extensive projects. Please speak to your project manager about how we can help you in your individual case.


What happens to my personal data?

We treat all our customers' texts and data with absolute confidentiality. Our confidentiality clause is binding for every translator we employ. The statutory data protection regulations are of course observed.


Is my request for quotation binding?

No, the request for quotation is completely non-binding. For us, on the other hand: All prices quoted and the processing time (for 24 hours) are binding. You can therefore rely on our offer - this makes your time planning easier and allows a clear overview of costs.


In which text format will I receive the translation?

You will receive the texts either in the format of the source text, provided it has an editable format. Otherwise, text-only translations are produced.


How can you pay?

Payments for business customers are made either on account, by bank transfer or direct debit, i.e. only after receipt of the service. Private customers and companies with a foreign registered office pay in advance. Payment via PayPal is also possible.


How does your translation agency help when problems arise?

We solve your translation problems as quickly as possible to your satisfaction. Our project managers are on hand with help and advice.


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