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We provide certification, notarisation, or legalisation services for all documents, accepted by official authorities.

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Documents for unofficial use

Anything that does not have to be certified or submitted to an authority or government organisation is a non-certified translation. This subject area includes website translations, document translations, book translations, technical translations, legal translations, business translations etc. This is the most cost-effective form of translation. 

When you order a certified translation, clarify exactly what you need it for. Certified translations cover a wide range of topics and vary greatly in price depending on the intended use. Our customers often do not need a certified translation and can therefore save money.

Documents for official use

If a translation is needed for an authority, then it is usually a certified translation. Examples of such translations are court judgements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates, driving licences or a power of attorney. 

The original document must always be provided so that we can produce such a translation. At the end of the translation, the qualifications of the translator, the completeness and accuracy of the document, the source and target language of the translation, the name, signature and date of the translator are confirmed. These translations are in the mid-range price segment.

Apostille / Legalisation

If your documents are to be used abroad, there is the option of legalising the document. It is a special certification for abroad.

For example:
If you want to go to another country to get married or work there, you need an apostille for your documents.
The apostille is issued by the respective state authorities, e.g. consulate. The apostille is nothing more than a special type of authentication. This is the most expensive form of translation

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